Peter has an analytical mind, which requires to be fed.

In the period that has come to be known as the internet bubble, he was part of an ambitious, innovative project to design a so-called B2E (‘business to employee’) portal for a large investment bank. Back then, portals were both a hype and a greenfield. They were expected to deliver towards the paperless office, employee self-service, a better time-to-market and many other generic business goals. Peter headed up the team of architects that tried to think out how these goals could be achieved.

The project bringing about the first large-scale coupling of intra-day power markets involved the re-use and optimisation of a pre-existing trading system. Originally designed for a single power exchange, it was now to be used by multiple power exchanges.

Peter was the first to point out that this necessitated the design
of a new module to facilitate the handover of power

between parties, and to outline its design.

Peter’s IT skills and experience lie in the fields of requirements engineering, system design and vendor management. Throughout his career, he has been involved in many projects allowing him to deploy these skills.