Peter has been involved in many market coupling projects, connecting both day-ahead and intra-day power markets across national borders.

In the late nineties, a gradual process of privatisation and deregulation led to the establishment of national wholesale electricity markets (also known as power exchanges) throughout Europe. These markets facilitate trading between generators, retailers and financial intermediaries both for short-term delivery of electricity (spot markets) and for longer-term delivery periods (futures markets).

Half a decade later, the spot markets embarked on a process of market coupling across national borders. The European Commission was the driving force behind this movement, as market coupling is considered to enhance security of supply and result in better consumer prices.

Peter was part of the team that brought about the very first coupling of day-ahead markets between France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

After this milestone, he joined several projects that significantly expanded the day-ahead coupled region. More recently, he made important contributions towards the first large-scale multi-party coupling of intra-day markets across Europe.